ADA Law The Training Video

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Ada Law The Training Video

Violation of ADA Law as it pertains to Service Dogs can lead to a Federal fine of up to $50,000 per complaint.

Follow as broadcaster and Actor Joe Washington , Suzi award nominated Christy Baggett, and Aimee Copeland along with a cast of Handlers and their Service Animals go through the process of educating retail, restaurant, hotel, transport businesses along with police, fire and rescue organizations what the law is and how they are to handle situations that arise with a service dog and their handler.

Denying a person and their Service Dog access to your business is a violation of the American Disabilities Act (ADA) Law, which can lead to legal action and Federal fines of up to $50,000 per complaint. Are you and your employees adequately educated on ADA law and prepared to handle these circumstances?

Protect your business by implementing this training video into every employees new or ongoing training.

If you are a handler of a Service Animal this video is for you too. Train Now.
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Our company has offices all over the country. We do have clients coming into our office,. We actually had an incident where our receptionist did not do the right thing, We had to answer to the ADA and we were fined. We are so grateful to now have this training tool as an integral part of our HR program. All our current employees have watched and our new hires view it on their first week of employment. D.S. CEO ~ PBDM Global

As a medical professional I must be diligent regarding compliancy issues. This video was a great way for our office to assure that we are treating our patients with service animals and their handlers in accordance with the ADA laws. ~ Ellen Office Manager Dental Office

I truly had no idea. I own a mid-sized business and I had no idea. This video was an eye opener. It was clear and engaging and my employees actually enjoyed the 11 mins of viewing. We are so grateful to have this available and now every new hire has to view this as part of their first day welcome orientation. Sydny HR Manager
It may have saved us from being fined.

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